Gulshan is one of the most famous areas of the city of Dhaka. Having an apartment in Gulshan now is more than ever linked with refinement and luxury. And many aspire to own an apartment in the neighborhood throughout their life. The whole region of Gulshan is an ideal place to reside and to attract people throughout the world. There is no denying that living in Gulshan does have numerous perks, whether it’s food, gorgeous residences, or one of the several haven-going places in the neighborhood that attract people. We will look at these perks today, making Gulshan the most excellent location to reside in Dhaka.

Some of Dhaka’s most prominent shopping centers. It is undoubtedly a tremendous benefit to have a great mall in a close location. It lets you buy your essential things, and Gulshan is filled with them without having to travel far away. Gulshan is, therefore, the ideal area for shopping enthusiasts to live in Dhaka. And whether you reside in Gulshan 1 or 2 doesn’t matter; there are several shopping centers in the vicinity. The DCC markets are the ideal location for finding primary products in both Gulshan circles. And Police Plaza is the spot for high-end products like phones and other technical things. As soon as available, they always have the latest technology goods. Pink City is another well-known shopping center and not just those who live in Gulshan.

Gulshan is one of Dhaka’s oldest neighborhoods. Originally it was intended to be a medium-class residential neighborhood. As a consequence of this, numerous lovely parks have been constructed for the people living in Gulshan. Several parks are spreading from Gulshan 1 at Hatirjheel to the end of Gulshan North Avenue. These natural nooks are still present to spend time with inhabitants. One of Dhaka’s most famous parks is Gulshan Lake Park, known for its beauty. To keep matters in order, all parks in the neighborhood are constantly maintained and supervised, improving the life quality in Gulshan.

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