Furnished Apartments for Rent in Banani

Furnished Apartments for Rent in Banani

If you are looking for a furnished apartment in Banani, you have come to the right place. There are several furnished apartments available in Banani. We will provide you with many fascinating and appealing amenities to make your stay in Banani furnished apartments quite enjoyable. Banani furnished apartments have everything you need for a comfortable lifestyle. We will provide you with the best-furnished apartment in Banani that you will enjoy.

Furnished Apartments are those that have every amenity accessible. When purchasing or renting an apartment, everybody prefers a furnished apartment because it meets all of their requirements. We can have many amenities for your living in furnished apartments. The furnished apartment has intriguing and appealing features that will blow your mind. You will have all of the functionality you like in one spot, making your life easier.

Why You Choose Furnished Apartment in Banani ?

The area that is now known as Banani was intended to be a middle-class suburban area but, over time, evolved into one of the most sought-after affluent communities in the entire region. Modern Banani is a spot where you can enjoy a peaceful suburban setting and a bustling commercial scene. The northern side of Kemal Ataturk Avenue is almost exclusively suburban, with various international and local dignitaries residing there, while the southern side is densely packed with industrial and residential estates. Any of the most prominent brand outlets and restaurants in the country can be found on the famous Banani Road 11, which links the Gulshan 1 and 2 area east and Mohakhali west. As a consequence, Banani is still a desirable place to live and do business.


With well-maintained roads and facilities, and a top security presence, the entire Banani region is well organized. Due to its close proximity, the local authorities and foreign officials prefer Banani to stay at many embassies, significant sites, and the International Airport Shahjalal. This has contributed to many magnificent residences with unmatched tranquility and a host of natural parks and playgrounds. The restaurants, malls, religious establishments, and services in the entire Banani district form an ideal place for communities.


Banani has been a mixture of residential and commercial estate, much like its surrounding Gulshan 1 and Gulshan 2 areas. The region is especially common among start-ups and small businesses that want to be near business hubs. Due to the city’s design, residential and commercial properties are especially common in the whole area. Road No. 11 has the largest concentration of trade areas, mostly brand offices and restaurants, at all locations in Banani. However, there is excellent serenity among the lively lifestyle of the region for people who want it.


The juxtaposition of Banani enables quick access in areas such as Kafrul, Mohakhali, and, to some degree, Uttara and Gulshan areas. Banani Kakoli connects with Gulshan and Badda’s Natun Bazar via Ataturk Kemal Avenue and rickshaws through the inland roads through the exclusive Dhaka Chaka and Gulshan Chaka bus service. Way 11 leads to Gulshan in the south part of Banani, and Route 18 leads to Gulshan in the north section. The continued provision of the route and smaller public transports makes it easy to fly even to remote areas.

Educational Institutions

There is still the most significant priority for access to quality education, and Banani is in this respect. The region is home to various prestigious educational institutions such as the Banani Bidyaniketan School, the Northern University, and other historical institutions. Banani was one of the first places to be known for its large number of private universities. A variety of different educational facilities make the residents of the city comfortable to stay.

Medical Institutions

While Banani is less well known than its neighbor Gulshan, it still has many centers for medical diagnosis, assistance, and emergencies. The region has many medical centers. Facilities like Banani Clinic and Prava Health can provide a large variety of medical services and, if possible, the neighboring premises can provide more intensive care.

Parks and Recreation

A spot where children can play and guests can spend a little time experiencing nature is crucial to any healthy suburban environment. Banani is the venue for various parks and playgrounds, one of the most beautiful in the whole town. There are also many lounges and amusement areas in the city for indoor people, including Laser wars.

Religious Institution

Religion is an essential component of people’s lives, and Banani houses people from various cultures and faiths. In addition, there are many churches in the city, along with more than a few mosques both in the northern and southern parts of Banani. Besides the Banani Military Graveyard, North of the city lies the renowned final site for many intellectuals and prominent individuals.

If you want those facilities. You have to buy or rent a furnished apartment in Banani. Those are exciting facilities for living.

Furnished Apartments Rent Banani

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